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What other Goddesses are saying...

Working with DeJane' over 3 days was truly mind shifting inside the Spiritual Retreat. I took away from this time is that I must be clear with my intentions, focus, and staying determined. I recommend this training to anyone who is stuck and not where how to hit the reset button. I've came into my own way of being and truly excited for the possibilities I've now created for myself and my daughter.

S. Williams

This course was definitely intensive, but well worth every minute and penny! I'm a General Manager in the restaurant industry so life is very demanding daily and balancing personal life can be challenging. But from this program, I learned to set goals for myself so that I'm not overworking - most importantly - to take PERSONAL time for ME. I've learned I can achieve my goals while still enjoying life.

S. Drain

DeJane' is proof that manifestation is real! When I think about The ReBirth and the areas it changed my life - I still get emotional. One key element that superseded my expectations was the art of manifesting - as she stated - "If you can see it, believe it, feel it, then its yours!!" I've learned of my gifts of discernment and I'm now able to be aware of opportunities and how to be a blessing to others around me through my FAITH.

D. Lane

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