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Black Background

Meet DeJane'

DeJane' Hill is a transformational coach, author, and speaker dedicated to empowering women of color to unlock their full potential and create the lives they truly desire. With over 5 years of experience in healing modalities, DeJane' has helped countless women transform their lives through her coaching programs, workshops, and books.


DeJane' has  a passion for personal growth and empowerment stems from her own journey of overcoming adversity and breaking through limiting beliefs. She believes that everyone has the power to create their own destiny and is committed to guiding women to discover their unique strengths and talents.

CEO, Posh Events Atlanta
Founder, ReBirth University

DeJane' is a successful entrepreneur and event planner, known for her creativity and attention to detail. She is the owner of an award-winning event planning business, which was named Best Event Planner for 2022. She wanted to make a larger impact, hence the decison to merge her love of event planning into coaching other women into living their dreams. That's when she conceived and birthed, The ReBirth University.


Rebirth University is a coaching and community brand dedicated to helping black women heal from emotional traumas, self-discovery, reconnect with their feminine divine energy, break generational curses, and build generational wealth through personal branding.

Through her work, DeJane' aims to inspire women to embrace their authentic selves, unleash their creativity, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Her mission is to create a world where every woman feels empowered to pursue her dreams and achieve her greatest potential. With a deep commitment to her values and a dedication to excellence, she inspires and empowers women everywhere to rise to new heights.

A Remarkable Journey of Professional Growth

DeJane’ Hill earned her business degree from American Intercontinental University.

Other notable credentials include:


  • Successful implementation and restructuring of internal processes for enterprise-level organizations


  • Fundraising strategy development and execution that has generated over $500K monthly in donations.


  • Certified Transformational Life Coach, helping women achieve their personal and professional goals


  • Graduated with Honors - Wedding & Event Planning

Her Story

As a young adult, DeJane' was no stranger to the souls that gravitated to her for love, knowledge and positive uplifting. After apprenticing under Master Spiritualists for a year, her own role as a consultant and transformational coach became apparent. She watched people around her looking for a way out of the vicious generational cycles that have entrapped them. She WAS that person. But she had to make a choice. Then she had to fight. Then she had to fight some more. DeJane’ refused to settle with herself, and she wanted to show others how to do the same.

DeJane’ has a goal to empower and help others break the chains that they may have locked themselves up with. The same chains that she had to unleash herself from in order to experience a piece of heaven on Earth. Coming from a small maternal family yet larger paternal, DeJane’ have since come to understand early on how both sides of my family affected her mental and emotional development. However, both ends of the spectrum have enabled DeJane’ to speak up for herself in the RIGHT way. 

DeJane’ believes, “When you know where you’ve come from, you can either follow the set path or you can STOP, get it together, fix what’s broken and create your own road. Stand up for what you believe in ALWAYS.”

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